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Mother Disowns Son Over An Old Facebook Post Praising Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year

An incident in the South Mumbai region has once again drawn the attention of the national media. A 61-year-old mother irked the excitement of the anchors after she threw her 25-year-old film enthusiast son out of the house.

The debate over filmmaker Karan Johar has taken the nation by storm. From the bungalows of Delhi to bungalows of Mumbai, the entire nation seems to be divided over the filmmaker. The debate has also made inroads into a mother-son relationship.

The 25-year-old Kashish was thrown out of his house on Friday morning when one of his Facebook memories of 7 years popped up on his phone. The memory had him asking people to flock the theatres to support a movie like ‘Student of the Year’. In the post, he wrote,
“Frnz. Pls watch Student of the year. It shd gt oscar. Brilliant acting. Specially Varun Dhaone. Support Indian cinema.”

The Satire Express reached out to Kashish’s mother who refused to reveal her identity. When asked about the reason behind the drastic step, she said,
“Who needs this kind of a son! A true son would never support nepotism let alone a filmmaker like Karan Johar. I was disappointed. He left me with no option.”

The issue has turned many relationships sour like Kashish’s with his mother. Kashish told The Satire Express that he has pledged his loyalties to filmmakers like Johar for their progressive take on NRIs and concepts of flamboyance. He further said that he would continue to promote Student of the Year.

However, would the 61-year-old mother go against the traditional notion of an Indian mother by permanently not disowning her son? Or, would she take a U-turn like traditional Indian politicians? We watch as the nation awaits.

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