A Farmer’s Suicide Takes Country By Storm, Arnab Goswami Demands Justice

The editor-in-chief of the Republic news media outlet has once again brought an issue to the forefront that, for long, had been ignored by the national media. Farmer’s suicide in Maharashtra is getting the prime time slots on English mainstream media for the first time in years.

At a time when most media outlets are chasing entertainment over the news, revenue over ethics, sensation over authenticity, the renowned journalist, and ace anchor Arnab Goswami has dared to steady the fourth pillar of democracy. In his prime time show on Republic TV, Goswami seems to have discarded popular news at the last minute and asked the producer to run the news of a farmer’s suicide.

A 55-year-old farmer gave away his life in a village in Maharashtra after failing to repay the debts. The family of the farmer had alleged his death as a consequence of the systematic failure by the administration. The local administration and the state government has denied the allegations and have called it a result of mental illness. While none of the national media outlets picked up the news, Goswami dared to broadcast it to the viewers which he calls it “pursuit of truth”.

When Goswami aired the story along with his panelists, he ran it with a hashtag #JusticeForFarmers. The hashtag spiraled into the social media platform Twitter where it trended all day. The result of Goswami’s voice of the newsroom struck a chord with the nation as it always does. The farmers’ union that was battling the issue for quite some time seems to have relieved to get a reliable voice in the media.

Arnab Goswami remained unavailable for the comment but the Republic TV confirmed that they are going to run the story until the farmer and other of his ilk would get justice from the Indian government. Will the Indian government take stock of the situation or not is a thing we should wait and see.

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