Congress Party To Play ‘Hide And Seek’ To Decide The Next Party President

In August 2019, Rahul Gandhi stepped down as the President of the Congress Party letting his mother assume office for the first time as the President of the age-old party.

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s repeated claims about the Congress party being nepotistic and dynastic in its nature has seeped down to the Congress as well. Several workers and leaders of the party have appealed for a new non-Gandhi President of the party.

However, there was speculation about the process with which they could elect the party President.
As per the sources, a democratic election was proposed by several leaders. The proposal was quashed terming it to be “too idealistic”. One of the leaders was also quoted saying,
“When the nation is not that democratic, why a party will be?”

After wandering around the matter for long, the Congress may have finally found a fool-proof way to elect their next non-Gandhi President. The official spokesperson of the party appeared in front of the media through video conferencing and announced that the party will be adopting the ‘hide and seek’ method for electing their next president. The spokesperson said,
“A community hall will be booked. It will be later filled with big structures of lotus flower as obstacles. A game of ‘hide and seek’ between the top leadership of the party will take place. The game will follow the last man standing principle to pronounce as the winner. The game will take place on the 2nd of October, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.”

The announcement seems to have come after the approval of the top leadership as well as the workers. In order to choose the method that would be adopted, voting was carried out by the party in all their offices across the country. If everything goes according to the rules of the game, the party will see a non-Gandhi who will be leading the party.

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