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Kunal Kamra Runs Out Of PM’s Videos, Wants PM To Resume Rallies Soon

The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the lives of many people. One of them who has been massively hit by the pandemic is the stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra.

The COVID-19 situation in the country has paused several operations of the democratic country. It has also stopped the activities of the politicians. Over the last 8 months, there hasn’t been a public speech by the Prime Minister except for the frequent media addresses on the coronavirus. This has sent shockwaves to Kunal Kamra’s editor who says he has been traumatized.

“He texts me every day asking me to get new footages. I have used every speech that has delivered till today. He just doesn’t listen to me.”

For the unversed, Kunal Kamra frequently posts video memes of the Prime Minister on his social media. In the last few weeks, the comedian hasn’t posted on his account. This had raised concerns among his followers. However, now, the concern has been addressed.

According to sources, Kunal Kamra is looking to draft a petition to the Honorable Supreme Court seeking permission on behalf of the Prime Minister to carry out rallies or public speeches. If this is true, it will be the first time when the stand-up comedian has worked for the Prime Minister. When The Satire Express tried reaching out to the stand-up comedian, we didn’t find his number.

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