China Announces Free Vaccine For All Indians Who Say ‘Laal Salaam’

The index country for the novel coronavirus and one of the biggest economies of the world, China is set to announce a free vaccine to the entire world. However, the Chinese administration has imposed certain restrictions on India.

The Chinese, who have been blamed for infecting the virus globally including the United States President Donald Trump, have now found a way to redeem themselves. On Monday, the Chinese announced that they have found a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The administration further bloated that they would give out bulk consignments to all the countries for no cost whatsoever. The World Health Organisation celebrated the move as a triumph to humanity.

According to the sources, the Chinese have tested the vaccine on each individual of the Communist state. As on Monday, the administration hasn’t received any complaints pertaining to any sort of side effects. While some say that the state has forced people to take the vaccine, the others say that it was the only available option. Many countries including Pakistan and Nigeria have received the vaccines already. The Chinese have also offered India to take up the vaccine but on a condition.

The Chinese ambassador to India said that those Indians who would say ‘Laal Salaam’ would be getting a free vaccine in India. He also expressed his desire to present the first vaccine to Prime Minister and the Home Minister. While the BJP and Congress have both unanimously rejected the idea and the vaccine, it seems that many have secretly got themselves vaccinated after whispering ‘Laal Salaam’ into the ears of the ambassador.

Post this, the Chinese administration seems to have directed its ambassador to tweak the condition. Now, the leaders and the citizens have to put up a post on their social media saying ‘Laal Salaam’ to be eligible for the vaccine. Meanwhile, United States President Donald Trump has already changed his handle to ‘Laal Salaam’ and has apparently gotten himself vaccinated. He was also quoted saying,
“China is a beautiful country. USA and China are like brothers. Laal Salaam!”

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