Lovers Meet After A Long COVID-19 Lockdown, Use College IDs To Identify Each Other

The novel coronavirus lockdown seems to have been easing down in many cities. Many have returned to their work. A lot has returned to normalcy but with a twist. However, the hardest-hit are the couples.

After reiterating that the virus is slowing down and it is something one lives with, a chunk of the population continues to remain in isolation. The fears of contracting the virus and the scare of disturbing finely tuned life continues to make people refrain from the interaction. While the old have made peace with it, the young, especially those in love, have battled a hard time.

After the announcement of the Unlock 4.0, Bengaluru’s MG Road was filled with young men and women wandering around the street. The wandering soon turned into chaos. When our reporters reached the spot, they saw men and women with masks on were trying to identify their partner. When we spoke to a few, they said that it has been a difficult task to identify their partner with the mask on. One of the women said,
“I am not used to him (her partner) with a mask. Well, at least physically. I am trying to find him since morning and I am not able to.”

Despite the advancement in technology, there seemed to be trouble. Many of them tried calling their partners but it led to chaos as several unknown men and women began approaching random people. However, one couple came out of the crisis as victorious. They had figured out the hack.

“We kind of anticipated the situation. We wanted most of the time to be spent with each other and not looking for each other. We anyway spent most of our lives looking for one another. So, we decided to make use of our college ID cards to identify ourselves. It has worked immensely.”

The college ID card theory has picked up as many instances were seen across the city where the couple identified each other through it. The humanitarian crisis was solved in minutes by the one couple who refused to be named. As the pandemic eases down, people are trying to reconnect with their lives and this is one of the many examples of the “new normal”.

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