Why You Won’t Get A Closure In The Sushant Singh Rajput Case?

Thanks to our media, the unfortunate death of an artist is being milked for ratings and agendas while stripping him off the dignity of death. The media coverage of his death has become a pass time. The privileged who can get food on the table every day in a pandemic have turned warriors on social media asking for justice. A dinner table without discussing a conspiracy theory isn’t a dinner table anymore.

The media, by the look of it, is not hunting for the truth. It is going for the kill. To get a scapegoat. Truth is bland and today’s media has zero interest in it. In the absence of Films and Sports, they are filling the escapist minds of people by speculating absurd things in the name of investigative journalism. Take a look at the theories they have spun – from gang rape to Dubai don link, from paedophilic activities to nepotism, from an evil golddigger to a drug bust – all the tropes of a 90s Bollywood film can be seen in news channels today.

One could argue that the “whole” nation is asking for justice, so why not pursue it? In fact, the nation is also asking for food, medical facility, dignity, and most importantly right to life in the middle of the worst pandemic. The “whole” nation, for our media, is the elite who could afford a subscription of their channel and not complain. Having said that, a media trial is not justice.

It is not shocking that the “whole” nation feels there is a foul play. In one way or the other, we often don’t want to accept that certain things are random and unknown. In our selfish need to make sense of everything, we are putting our intellect down and quashing the order of the sane world.

We all have been subjected to injustice in one form or the other where we have been denied an opportunity to seek justice. Whether it is a small tussle with a policeman on the street or a case big enough for our pocket depth, we have been denied justice. As a collective, many saw this opportunity to project their injustice onto the fallen artist. That is how popular justice arrives and it is everything but justice.

The fact that the mass already has decided the case, despite the top agency or the court proving otherwise or uncover the truth, one will still not get closure. One will only forget it and move on to another conspiracy theory, another escape plan, and another agenda.

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