Election Commission Penalises Tejasvi Surya For Lack Of Hate Speech

The member of parliament, Tejasvi Surya has been penalized by the Election Commission of India for not delivering any hate speech in the last 5 years.

The young leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party who has been touted as the next big thing in the politics of harmony has got a setback. The election commissioner said,

“A practicing politician in India has to have some amount of hate in the speech. If there is no hate, why will the votes come? If there are no votes, it is not a democracy.”

Tejasvi Surya responded to the development and said that he doesn’t regret his speeches. He said, “I have absolutely no regret. This nation has been ruled by hate for 70 years and it is finally time for politics of love and harmony.”

The politician also spoke about the party he comes from. “You know the party I come from, unlike the other parties, don’t have any hate towards anyone. Not even in one community. I was, in fact, planning to celebrate valentine’s day with every citizen of my constituency. I would be distributing heart-shaped chocolate in saffron color.”

The question of what next has been hanging over the young leader’s head. The leader seems to have clarity in his answer. He even has cited his role model in politics.

“You can see Jawaharlal Nehru Ji. All through his career, he did not spew negativity or hate through his speeches or his deeds. Even if I am not in power, I would like to follow the footsteps of Nehru Ji in politics and serve the country in my own way.”

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