Times Now Begins Fact-Check Department To Filter Out Facts From News

The number 1 entertainment channel Times Now has announced setting up of a new department that would check for facts. The department would filter out the news that has facts while the rest would be broadcasted.

Taking stock of the situation where people are slowly moving towards fact-based news, Times Now has stepped up to fill the vacuum of the chest-thumping fictionally biases news. The group editor of politics, Navika Kumar says,

“The true meaning of journalism is to bring both the narratives to the forefront. While we have fact-based news peddled by other media outlets, we will broadcast fictional news that is manufactured in our studio. Ultimately, it is up to the viewers to decide what is right and wrong.”

The Editor-in-Chief, Rahul Shivshankar who aspires to be the next Arnab Goswami, also echoed the statements of Navika Kumar. He said,

“We sit in Mumbai while all our viewers are spread across the country. We have to scream to overpower the facts and put our stamp of lies. How else would we feed our children? The new department will take care of exactly this. This will new era in the history of Times Now.”

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