Govt Announces ‘Statue Of Sentimentality’ To Tackle Falling Economy

As the reports claimed that the Indian economy may have shrunk by 23.9 percent due to the novel coronavirus, the government has swiftly swung into action by announcing the statue of sentimentality.

The statue is aimed at emotionally moving the nation from the problem of economy. One of the senior ministers in the central government cabinet was quoted saying,

“It is a significant step. There will be a time when we should think about economy. Today, at this moment, it is time to be emotional, sentimental and proud of thousands of years of history this country has.”

The statue is deemed to be a surprise for the people. However, the funds for the same will be collected from the people. The government appealed to the citizens to donate 100 rupee each if they think themselves as Indian. Following this, there were widespread population on the streets begging from the rich on the road for the 100 rupee in order to prove themselves as Indian. One of them spoke to The Satire Express and said,

“I was born here. I am an Indian. If I need 100 rupees to prove that, I will do anything. I even approached a hospital to donate my kidney thinking that I would save hundreds of my brothers. The hospital rejected me saying my kidney is of a lower class. My excretory system hasn’t eaten pasta for me to be eligible.”

As per the sources, the statue of sentimentality will have molding face structure. At crisis, the face will be molded as per the requirement. This will be the first moldable statue of the world. The first face on it, as we have learnt, is that of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, switched on alternate days.

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