RCB Team Reach Dubai Amid Coronavirus, Fans Say This Is The Best Effort Of The Team

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team successfully landed in the United Arab Emirates for the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The team had to go through multiple COVID-19 tests in Bangalore followed by a week of quarantine. Before they board the flight, they are tested again. Upon landing in the UAE, the team was tested and placed in quarantine for a week. The fans have been prohibited from being in the stadium this year. However, fans back home are elated about the team.

“RCB should be declared winners immediately”, claimed a fan in Bengaluru. The fans have started a petition to BCCI asking them to declare the winners before the tournament. The fan, naked and painted in red and black, said,

“To be able to go through so much is no small feat. There aren’t even parties this time. They cannot go to UB City too. As fans, this is the most effort we have seen our team go through.”

The team has resumed practice in Dubai but seems like BCCI may consider the petition if it gets enough signatures. The BCCI has also put a condition – the petition should also get the signature of the captain Virat Kohli.

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