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Man Cites ‘Act Of God’ After Refusing To Pay At A Public Toilet

A huge fight broke out at a public toilet in the national capital that caught the attention of the national media.

It was a bright morning in the dark age of the country. Due to the novel coronavirus scare, people hugged each other, attended religious functions, held political rallies, and went on with their job as it is. Because of the ever-growing unemployment rate in the country, many youngsters could only afford to visit a public toilet. Many more missed out on that as well.

In one of the many Swacch Bharat enabled public toilets, a fight broke out after an unemployed youngster refused to pay. Upon demanding again, the youngster cited the ‘act of god’ as the reason. Since it happened at a public toilet, the television media happened to be there and quickly covered the fight.

The unemployed youth spoke to the Satire Express and said, “I was walking by the road. I had no intention of coming here but it was not me, it was the God.”

The man-in-charge of the premises refused to accept the ‘act of god’ as a reason as he was an atheist. The matter will now be scrutinized in the apex court of the country.

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