After Raina And Harbhajan, Now Fixers Opt Out Of CSK

Chennai Super Kings are having a tough time in Dubai ahead of this year’s Indian Premiere League tournament. The two star players of the team, Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh, have opted out of the tournament due to personal reasons.

Suresh Raina has been the most prolific run-getter for Chennai Super Kings ever since the inception of the tournament. The only two seasons where the ace batsman failed to make runs was when he was playing for another team. While there were speculations around Raina leaving the tournament mid-way, Harbhajan Singh opted out quietly. This has raised concerns in the camp of Chennai.

In another blow to the team, the in-house match fixers who had traveled with the team have also opted out of the tournament. As per sources, this is a massive blow compared to the players leaving the team.
“If a player or two leaves the team, there will be somebody to take their place. If fixers leave the team, who will you replace with?”

The sources also revealed that the concern from the fixers was the lack of balcony in their room. The team’s owner N Srinivasan came out and blasted the fixers. He was seen saying,
“They will repent this. They have to take what we give it to them. No other team has brought their fixers along with them. We dared to do it. They are going to lose a lot of money with this decision.”

The Satire Express reached out to the fixers for a comment but they refused to.

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