Republic TV Announce New Venture, To Accept Supari To Harass Individuals

Republic TV media network has announced its foray into a new venture where they would be taking orders for harassing individuals.

The media network that is famous for pushing the envelope of decibels allowed on a television set is now looking to expand its business. The media network has opened a portal on its website where people can give supari to harass individuals. A source close to the network said,

“We have been doing it unofficially for a long time now. This announcement is merely a formality. Much of our working style will not change.”

The form listed on the website has the fields name, place, the party name, and the religion of the person to be harassed. While name and place can be anything, the fields party name and religion have inherent restrictions of particular party and religion. The editor-in-chief of the channel, Arnab Goswami spoke to the Satire Express and said,

“On the occasion of Prime Minister’s birthday, I am very happy to announce this. See, you need to understand that this new department of ours is also a part of the PM’s Atmanirbhar Bharat vision. For so long, the country had depended on the so-called outsiders for supari. This is our attempt to save our culture, our tradition, and also make some money.”

The move puts Republic TV in direct competition with Goswami’s previous company Times Now. It is to be seen who will succeed in the supari battle.

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