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Couple With Opposing Politics Marry, Media Call It ‘Liberal Jihad’

A couple in the metropolitan city of Mumbai got married and sparked debate on social media and on television channels. The debate sparked only after the couple revealed that one supported the BJP and the other, Congress.

The television news channels alleged a conspiracy behind the marriage. The anchors stood on the podium, screamed like a donkey and made their point.
“Is this India? I am asking you, Is this India? This is absolutely preposterous! Marrying someone of your choice? Embracing political differences? Where does this happen in our country?”

Another anchor called the marriage as the first known case of “Liberal Jihad”. The anchor, running around the newsroom, said,
“When the partition happened, there were 75 percent conservatives and 25 percent liberals. Now, we have 51 percent conservatives and 49 percent liberals. How did it happen? I call this a liberal jihad. There is been a conscious attempt to convert people from their ideology. The government must take note of this.”

When the Satire Express asked the anchor to quote the source, the anchor said it is from his personal research. On further questioning, the anchor quoted the popular intellectual and said, “Facts are not facts”.

The couple on the other hand have been subjected to immense media trial. One of them have confessed saying that they would consider divorce if it would bring some sanity in the television media.

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