After Rajya Sabha TV, Democracy To Be Muted For 4 Years

On Sunday, while passing an ordinance of the farmers’ bill, Rajya Sabha erupted in chaos as opposition leaders protested against the bill. For a brief moment, the Rajya Sabha TV was muted and the bill was passed as a symbol in uploading democracy.

There was outrage over the move by the speaker. The outrage did not matter as it was from the left-liberal, tukde tukde gang, well-read people, intellectuals, and democratically elected leaders. It was also partially because of the tremendous faith the government has in a democracy. The Rajya Sabha TV being muted was an experiment.

“It was purely experimental. We wanted to see how people would react and it was an overwhelming response. The silence of the people and those supporting it gives us immense confidence to move further with our experiment. Taking a cue from this, we will be muting democracy for the next four years”, said a source associated with the government.

The opposition leaders staged a protest on social media platform Twitter as they snacked on Samosas and Chai. The activists who were protesting on the ground were shooed away with violence, a prerogative of the government. Meanwhile, the common citizen continues to hit by the falling economy, the government and media channels press on the real issue – Has Kangana Woken Up Or Not?

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