To Compete With IPL TRPs, Republic To Organise Cricket Tournament Between Kangana & Rhea Supporters

Arnab Goswami owned entertainment channel, Republic TV, announced a cricket tournament that would begin from October 2nd on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi.
Republic TV media house was riding with high TRPs in August and early September.

With the Indian Premiere League taking the center stage in the living rooms, the TRPs of Republic drastically fell. Adding to the misery, their reliable source Kangana Ranaut also hadn’t offered them a breaking news in the last week. The move to hold a cricket tournament comes to counter the narrative of no breaking news.
“This is another masterstroke by our master Arnab Sir. News have been evolving. It was once about information, now its about Arnab Sir. With IPL giving us tough times, it was a right decision.”

The cricket tournament will be played by two teams – Kangana Supporters and Rhea Supporters. The players representing each team should know couple of words – Liberal brigade, government, feminism, SSR, Kangana and, of course, Arnab Sir. When asked where will Arnab play, the source said,
“Arnab is known to be unbiased when it comes to news. Even while eating, just to be unbiased, he eats with both hands. He will be carrying that legacy and will be playing Right handed with the Kangana team.”

When asked what would the winner get, Arnab said, “A seat in my debate and eventually Rajya Sabha.”

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