Media Expose Bollywood Again, Say It Is Full Of Film Addicts

The Indian media is hell-bent on exposing the wrong-doings and the shortcomings of Bollywood or popularly not known as the Hindi Film Industry. After exposing the drug racket, the media has exposed another shocking aspect of the industry.

The top entertainment channels of the country – Times Now, Zee News, and Republic TV – are to be credited for this expose. The expose, however, came at a time when the whole country has been in slumber. The channels said,
“Drugs were even fine but now we have come to realize that Bollywood makes films! Exercising your ability to express to convey ideas of importance and nuance? Isn’t it outrageous for humanity? We are proud to uncover this lid off from the façade of Bollywood.”

The government also jumped in to reveal its two bits on the expose.
“Everybody has a right to live but that doesn’t mean everybody should live. There are migrants, farmers, students, unemployed youth who are rightly exercising their right to live but these Bollywood mafia people are actually going and making films. Entertaining people is our job. Don’t snatch more jobs as already the nation is underemployed.”

Twitter also trended #BollywoodStopMakingMovies and simultaneously trended #JusticeForDemocracy. The expose has given credibility to the news channels and has given an opportunity to make profits for a month at least without having to put any effort.

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