After Passing Bills Without Opposition, 2024 Election To Be Held Without Voters

On Tuesday, a total of 7 bills were passed in the parliament without the presence of the opposition leaders. Post the success of this, the center is planning to hold elections without voters.

Speaking to the media, the official loud spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Sambit Patra said,

“In the BJP, we are launching a program where we are going to sign many citizens as the members of the party. There are many who are members without signing up. Once that is done, the members of the party will outnumber the neutral voter. The country had never been the one for minority and applying that, we will be holding elections without the voters.”

The opposition leaders called the move draconian on Twitter and went on with their lives and catered to their cozy eco-chamber. The students who were vocally opposing the government continued to raise their voices from prisons. One of the BJP supporters said,

“We have BJP in our blood. Why do we need elections when we know who is right for the country. Did all our kings come to power through elections? No! They came through fierce leadership, violence and propaganda. Do all these people opposed the kings back then? Why are they opposing this?”

Without voting, the democracy will thrive in the corridors of Raj Ghat and the undergrounds of graveyards.

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