Man Comes Out Of Coma After 45 Years, Refuses To Believe Emergency Is Over

In a strange incident coming from the capital, a 70-year-old man has woken up from a coma after 45 years. Despite the advancement of technology and infrastructure, the man was disappointed at the country’s fate.

It was 1975 when Harshdeep went into a coma after he suffered an injury to his head in an accident. Harshdeep, 25 at that time, was a vocal critic of the Indira Gandhi government and had bashed the government for its move to declare an emergency. 45 years later, when he regained consciousness, nobody was around him in the hospital. His family members had given up hope. The doctors and the nurses were busy treating COVID patients. All he could find was newspapers lying beside him. He picked up some of them and was shocked.

“It was our fault that we lay the newspapers beside him. He shouldn’t have read that. But, in our defense, we did not anticipate he would come back so soon.”

After reading the newspapers, the panic engulfed him. He saw the date mentioned in the newspaper and read the headlines. In a deep state of panic, he got up and got hold of the first person he could find in the corridor and asked,

“Isn’t the emergency over yet?”

The person could not answer which led to Harshdeep collapsing on the ground. The doctors later said,

“He has gone into the coma again. I think the state of the nation has pushed him there. For a brief moment, while we were discussing the treatments, he came back from a coma and said that coma is better than the state of the nation. We have left him to die. What else can we do?”

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