SC Orders To Remove The Word ‘Dissent’ From Dictionaries Sold In India

The Supreme Court of India pronounced a verdict that the word ‘dissent’ from all dictionaries that will be sold in India. The verdict was pronounced upon the appeal made by the center.

On Sunday, during the party meeting, the former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Amit Shah proposed the move. Reportedly, he said,

“It has to go someday or the other. Like Article 370, dissent is also temporary. It has always been. If we look at our history, all our governments have worked towards it. We are just finishing what was started by the Congress Party. We would like to thank Indira Gandhi for allowing us to do this.”

The Oxford dictionaries which are widely popular in India backed out of distribution in the country after the verdict. In order to fill the vacuum, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali came forward and announced their venture into selling dictionaries. Announcing that, Ramdev said,

“The specialty of our dictionary will be that it will come with a whitener. If you don’t like certain things, you can blur it out of the dictionary. Like this, you can create your own personalized dictionary. For example, I have blurred out the word dictionary from my dictionary.”

The center hopes that the dissent will be wiped out of the spoken language in the country and pave way for a more civilized, educated, and liberal dictatorship.

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