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Lok Sabha To Pass Legislation TO Retire MS Dhoni From Cricket

The lawmakers of the country, on either side of the political spectrum, are coming together to pass important legislation in the lower house of the parliament. The legislation will effectively retire former Indian captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni from playing cricket.

The legendary cricketer who has become a legend and nothing more right now has been rusty in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League. Despite huge hype for his performance and his team’s performance, their journey has begun with a shaky start as they lost two matches out of three. One of the legislators who refused to be named said,

“It is not about this edition. We have been planning to pass this legislation for a couple of years. We were waiting to come back to power and have an absolute majority in the parliament to be able to do this.”

When asked the motive behind the move, the legislator said,

“Apart from the millions of requests we have received, we had thought that he would play well and distract the nation from real issues. But, because of his performances, people are asking us questions. We don’t need this. We didn’t sign up for this.”

Following this, there have been widespread protests in Chennai in support of the cricketer. The protestors have requested the team to appoint him as a coach at least.

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