Govt Responds To Bharat Bandh, Calls For A Democracy Bandh

On Monday, 28th of September, various farmer groups and associations called for a Karnataka Bandh in protest against the farmer’s bill passed in the parliament. On Friday, various other states observed similar bandhs.

Major political parties across the countries including the Indian Part-time Party Congress has also supported the bandh. The ruling party BJP has vanished the claims that this is not a farmers protest. One of the spokespersons said,

“This is not farmers protest. These millions of farmers marching from their villages to city on foot demanding their rights? Which farmer does that? We have serious doubts about this. First of all, do these many farmers exist still?”

While the supporters of BJP have criticised their party for not combating the bandh, the BJP held a meeting at the parliament and discussed the steps to be taken further. The meeting extended till midnight when the spokesperson appeared in front of the media and said,

“We have come to a decision. In order to repel these manufactured anti-national protests or what they call as a bandh, we too will resort to similar step. From today, we will be conducting Democracy Bandh throughout the country in protest against a pro-democratic protest.”

The Satire Express reporter present at the briefing questioned the spokesperson whether democracy existed in the last 6 years, the reporter was arrested under UAPA.

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