Cop Beats Wife In The Evening, Investigates Rape IN The Morning

A Madhya Pradesh cop was celebrated in the state after he and his team encountered four rapists on the outskirts of Bhopal. The cope and his team were showered with praises on social media.

The media hounded the cop outside the police station to get couple of bytes for him. Speaking to them, he revealed the secret behind the investigation of the rape case.

“It is fairly easy for me. Firstly, it pains me to see these crimes repeating again and again. But, in my benefit, the abuse background I have has immensely helped me in solving cases of rape and harassment.”

A video of the cop was shared widely on social media recently where he was seen hitting his wife. Following the video, the department promoted him and handed over exclusive rape cases. After his promotion, cop was quoted by the media saying,

“I feel really honored. I would like to share this happiness with my wife without beating whom I wouldn’t have satisfied my ego and end up here.”

The cop might be appointed as the brand ambassador of feminism movement by the government.

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