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5 Things Women Need To Do To Get Same Respect As Cows In India

The last few days have seen outraged farmers on road, outraged women on-road, and outraged democracy in gutter battling for various issues. The most inhumane of them all, a gangrape of a Dalit girl in Hathras village has sparked widespread emotional trauma in misogyny breeding men too.
One of the stark comparisons, as pointed out by a Twitter user, was the respect a cow gets over a woman. It’s not the fault of the cow but the woman. Our team brainstormed the whole night and came up with a handy guide for women to achieve the same respect as a cow in the land of gods.

• First things first, women, like all the cows, should stop speaking.

• Like thousands of cows in Urban cities, women should be confined to a physical space. Because the sight of them coming out in the open might make others (read entitled men) uncomfortable.

• In rural cities, they should be regulated by a man or a group of men, obviously.

• Primarily, a woman’s existence should lend itself to the service of breeding and no more.

• Naturally like gau rakshaks, a group of men will form laws, regulate it, advice and suggest women what to do and what not to say.

If you are a woman and you don’t agree with this, we are sorry, you don’t deserve the same respect as cows.

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