UP Police To Offer Distance Learning Courses On Destroying Evidence

The Uttar Pradesh Police department unveiled a new course through its platform on Monday morning. The new course on the platform offers information on how to destroy evidence in 15 hours.

There has been debate around the need for police reforms in the department. Another important debate is the frequency with which the cases are being solved with an abundance of evidence. The rate at which the cases are being solved has been rising. A protest was staged outside the house of the chief minister demanding the police to cooperate in order to maintain a balance between crimes committed and crimes solved.

“If you look around nature, it is always about striking a balance. Whenever there is an imbalance, nature punishes us. Hence, we need to keep committing more crimes and the police should stop solving more crimes. One way to do that is by destroying some evidence.”

Since it is a democracy, the Uttar Pradesh police took the protest seriously and immediately offered a course on their website. On the website, other policemen can log in and learn how can they destroy evidence.

“This is a historic step in reducing crime in our society. If there is trust between the criminals and the police, the crimes will automatically come down. Reported crimes, at least.”

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