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WHO Scientist Who Discovered Vaccine For Bigotry Lynched For Being Too Progressive

In broad daylight, a scientist of the World Health Organisation was lynched to death at the national capital of India. The scientist was at the capital to get approval for his new vaccine.

Arindam Joshua, an Indian based scientist who worked as chief scientist for vaccine studies at the United Nations’ health body was found dead on the Race Course Road. As per the initial reports, he was lynched by an educated mob. The motive behind the crime is believed to be the new vaccine. After researching for over 2 decades, Joshua was ready with the vaccine that would end bigotry.

“With this vaccine, the world would be a better place to live. The blind hatred for a community, race, and gender would end with this. I have achieved my full potential and possibilities, the purpose of my life.”

The mob stayed at the crime site for hours until the police arrived to take the body. One of them spoke to our reports and said,

“The vaccine would change the world. Ending something because of which we have sustained so far is blasphemy against nature. We wouldn’t let that happen. Progressiveness is good but only in a few things. Where is Sati now? We have lost it altogether.”

The vaccine was buried with the scientist in a graveyard close to the parliament.

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