Rioters Across Country Out Of Jobs Due To COVID, Ask Govt For Relief

Even though the lockdown has been lifted in most places, the economic slowdown continues to affect millions of lives in the country.

As per a new survey by the economic body of the country, one of the most hit communities in the lockdown is the rioting community. The economic loss is said to be more than 2 crores. The community which would find work every now and then, especially during elections, was left with no work. The Satire Express spoke to one from the community to get their perspective.

“It has been very bad for us. Before the pandemic, we used to make a lot of money. We had so much work. Pandemic has been devastating for us.”

The person further explained how the political parties have let them down during the pandemic. The person also stressed not only the economic loss but also the political loss.

“Even though the lockdown has been lifted, there is no effort from the government towards improving our business. The social distancing norm has devastated us. It’s fine that pandemic comes and goes but violence and hatred are here to stay. We are hopeful because of the two upcoming elections in Bihar and West Bengal. Let’s see.”

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