Bangladesh To Overtake India In Per Capita GDP, Nationalist Blames Indira For Creating The Country

As per a report by the International Monetary Fund, Bangladesh is all set to overtake India in the per capita GDP by the end of this year. This has left many nationalists fuming, especially after the same was tweeted by opposition leader Rahul Gandhi.

The fuming nationalists went on the streets protesting against Rahul Gandhi and called him a ‘cultural terrorist’. The Satire Express reporter reached the spot and managed to get a byte from the protestor.

“He is a cultural terrorist. He has disrespected the culture and ignored the contributions of Indians in the world.”

When we questioned further about the reason behind calling Gandhi a cultural terrorist, the man explained patiently.

“We agree that Bangladesh is moving past us. No doubt about that. But who is responsible for this? Who is responsible for Bangladesh’s development? People of Bangladesh? No, it is Indira Gandhi. If they had not fought for the independence of Bangladesh, it would still be Pakistan and it would still have less per capita GDP than us. At least we would have felt happy comparing them to us. The Gandhi family has taken the country to the dogs!”

When asked about whether this would affect the success of the CAA, the protest turned into a silent protest.

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