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Dalit Man Forced To Drink Urine, Government Asks Media ‘Show Some Good News Also’

A Dalit man was forced to drink urine in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur by an upper-caste man for filing a complaint against him.

The Dalit man was rewarded with urine and a couple of beating for filing a complaint against an upper-caste man in the heartland of India, the fastest growing economy state – the Uttar Pradesh. Following this, the media covered this extensively for its apparent regressive attitude. This has reportedly enraged a section of society who rely on media to boost their pride. This has led to a massive outrage on social media. Some of the users asked the media to show some good news too.

“Why does the media only show this? Why not show something good. What if somebody has died, somebody is killed, somebody is raped, there are good things happening too!”

A petition was filed with the Supreme Court asking the media to show more good things instead of covering cases of crime, corruption which might spread negativity in the country. The Supreme Court is yet to hear the petition.

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