Road Where Gandhi Was Shot To Be Named After Nathuram Godse

In a notification, the government of India has decided to name the road where Gandhiji was shot after famous murderer Nathuram Godse.

On January 30th, Nathuram Godse shot at Mahatma Gandhi in the Birla House Mansion bringing the whole country to a halt. Commemorating the occasion, the government has decided to name the road leading to Birla House Mansion after Nathuram Godse.

“It is such a prominent event of our history. Irrespective of the consequence of the event, it becomes our responsibility to remember the incident.”

When asked whether the government had thought of naming the road after Mahatma himself, the official who refused to be named, said,

“We could have. The thing is we have named many roads after Mahatma for 70 years, did any development happen? We are taking this opportunity to try the new thing of naming it after Godse. You got to give a chance or else how will development happen?”

Our reporter further asked whether they are considering to change the ‘father of the nation’ to Godse for development sake, the official refused to answer but winked at our reporter with a smile.

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