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Here’s Why Indian Elections Are Much Like A Rohit Shetty Film

The Bihar elections for the year 2020 has kicked off in the land of Buddha as the phrase ‘Festival of Democracy’ makes a comeback to the newsrooms. However, we couldn’t help but find the similarities between the Indian elections and the films of Rohit Shetty.

Catering To The Masses

As Indians, one is obsessed with the idea of the festival. One can evade a kidnapping, a murder on the road, and even prison by reasoning a festival. With elections termed as the festival of democracy, the public is made to evade their consciousness. Similarly, every Rohit Shetty film is termed as a festival of cinema which also makes the audience evade their consciousness. Incidentally, both the festivals are catered at the mass.

A Narcissistic Hero

The Indian elections, since Independence, has been making heroes or breaking them away from the public eye. Jawaharlal Nehru was a hero before the elections and went onto amplify his stature in the subsequent elections. Indira Gandhi rose to prominence after every election. A recent example being Narendra Modi who marketed himself as a hero and a savior in the 2014 election and stamped himself as one in the 2019 election.

The heroes in any Rohit Shetty flick are no different. A police officer like Ajay Devgn or an ATS chief like Akshay Kumar going on a rampage against one villain or a system and often blabbering narcissistic one-liners to woo the audience. Aata Maji Satakli. Aache Din Aayenge. The premise of the elections since Indira Gandhi has been about one savior who would solve every problem, rectify every system, and change the country.

Selling Nationalism

Nationalism, too, is a big part of Rohit Shetty films. His first film Zameen had it in a subtle way but Singham, Singham Returns, Singham once again, Singham is alive, Singham is a dead man alive, Singham is omnipresent, Singham is everything, and many more have been on the nose about it. Also, has there been any elections in India without nationalism poked into the face of the voter?

The opposers of the kind of electorate or the advocates of a better electorate have always placed their trust in the system and have hoped that one day if the voter comes true to his conscience, would change the kind of elections. So has the film critics of Shetty’s films who have hoped the audience would push for a change. Unfortunately, for both the audience and the voters, consciousness seems to be still at bay.

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