Issuing Death Threats Should Be Treated As A Patriotic Act, Says Politician

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who also cleared himself of criminal cases, Yogi Adityanath has once again proved his patriotism.

On Saturday, the celebrated leader, in an attempt to woo his voters, threatened to make the minority community breathe their last if love jihad continues. While the liberal brigade attacked the leader, his voters came in his support.

“Have you seen a more daring Chief Minister ever? This is why we voted for him. Seeing him using our language and lingo gave us a collective orgasm”, said a prisoner who has been convicted for double murder.

The BJP, on the other hand, called it an act of patriotism. A senior leader said,

“See, one should see this as a patriotic gesture. The reason behind the throat is always about safeguarding the culture. It is a selfless act.”

The BJP has revealed that it will now be creating incentives for those who issue death threats. Death threats will be infused into the culture, said a BJP leader in one of their meetings. The party has not discarded the idea of it being criteria for entering parliament.

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