Promoting Digital India, Govt Reveals That Arogya Setu Was Built By A Whitehat Junior Kid

Yet again in a dramatic turn of events, the Modi Government has kept up the consistency on losing data and missing information. While the Software Engineer with a work experience of 5 years at Infosys was struggling over a semicolon, the kid who graduated from Whitehat Junior had launched the Arogya Setu App, which was declared as an official mandatory check on the control of Covid-19 cases.

While the mystery still remains, the nation wants to know who the kid was. The initial doubts arose when the user interface was seemingly better than all other Government Web Platforms, collectively. In his last address to the nation, his majesty confirmed that they still don’t know who developed it but the nation is grateful for Whitehat Junior for producing graduates better than JNU. Right after this, few pseudo nationalists have launched a silent protest with a motive to stop addressing the personal agenda as a collective opinion of the nation. This also included backlash against Arnab on Twitter with a hashtag #the_nation_doesnt_want_to_know.

It has come to light that the people in power recognize the power of Data over real money. The finance minister even said that they might consider changing the GDP calculation equation based on the Data they have. Sadly, they seem to have realised it won’t help either.

All in all, the youth of the country who are still blown about the outstanding (not) performance of RCB this year, have decided to believe that the Arogya Setu App is still secure and shouldn’t be blacklisted with PUBG.

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