Pregnant Woman Arrested; Suspected Of Giving Birth To An Anti-National Comedian In Future

On the eve of Republic Day in the capital, a pregnant woman was arrested on the charges of anti-national activity in the Chandni Chowk area.

The name of the woman has been kept under wraps to avoid religious unrest. The woman, 6 months pregnant, was spotted in a shop purchasing Rabindranath Tagore’s book. The Delhi police arrived at the spot and immediately took her into custody for breeding anti-national activity. The police personnel spoke to the Satire Express and said,

“The woman has been taken into the custody of Delhi Police. The department has been strict in recent times.”

When asked about the charges under which she has been booked, the police said,

“We have a hunch that she might be giving birth to an anti-national child. In a precautionary measure, we decide to take action. When we won’t let an un-cracked joke pass us, how can we let an unborn escape?”

It also seems that the police have arrested the book vendor for selling anti-national books in the future.

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