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Oxford To Change ‘Victim’ Definition To – ‘People In Power Using Law To Oppress’

The renowned Oxford institute is set to change the definition of the victim in all their upcoming editions of dictionaries. As per the sources, this development came after the board members carefully binged on the proceedings of India’s Republic Day on 26th January 2021.

On India’s 72nd Republic Day, the security forces came in contact with the farmers’ rally that was marching towards Red Fort at the Capital. This resulted in chaos further leading up to violence. A protest turning violent isn’t new for the country as the regime had thrived in such scenarios and even poaching votes by pleading victims. 26th January was no different. The government and its supporters pleaded victims and successfully managed to paint the protestors as terrorists.

Witnessing this repeatedly, the Oxford institute has decided to change the definition of the word victim. From now on, the word will mean,

“Victim is someone who has absolute power, backing from the masses and uses the same to oppress and delegitimize any opposition.”

The change in definition has already been welcomed in places like Syria, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, and Brazil. As per the sources, the Indian government is likely to give a go-ahead too. With this, the establishment will comfortably call itself the victim in every situation.

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