PM Visits A Hospital And Says, “I Have Never Seen Such A Crowd At A Hospital”

In the midst of the second wave of coronavirus, the Prime Minister visited a hospital in the capital to take stock of the situation on the ground. The Prime Minister eventually ended up delivering an address to the critically ill patient at the special ward.

Speaking at the hospital, the Prime Minister said,

“I have never seen so many people at a hospital ward before.”

He distributed special fruits to all the patients and their family members. The specialty was that the fruits had the sticker of the prime minister smiling. The patients were happy that the prime minister took time off his busy schedule to address the second wave of coronavirus that has already killed over 2 lakh people in the country.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also visited the hospital and reassured the patients and said,

“You don’t need to worry. We are confident of implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens.”

A source from the hospital also confirmed that television sets have been installed in ICUs which will deliver positive news from Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat directly to the patients.

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