As Indians, we all know that our media i.e. the Indian Media is one of the best in the world. Especially for speaking truth to power, not shying away from confronting politicians and not resorting to belittle the soft powers of the society.

The Indian media, for the last decade, has put loudspeakers to shame as it has emerged one of the loudest noises of the democracy. Taking the tag of fourth pillar of democracy too seriously, the Indian media has come to a standstill where it can neither move nor support.

The news, as we know it, has been baked, packaged and delivered in various ways than we can imagine. News has become a cliche old Bollywood film – only the old watches it. However, the one aspect the Indian media has not tapped into fully is the satire space.

The Satire Express

Putting all our faith behind the idea of democracy, we start the Satire Express – a satirical news platform that will provide the news in its most exciting form, unhinged by any bias. Since our country has a history of protecting free speech, we hope we don’t end up in jail. Even if we do, you will know why.

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